Ball Mill Use And Production Probability Analysis

Oct 14, 2016 by

In recent years, researchers have begun to pay attention to domestic and grinding behavior ball. No matter what sport ball for only the ball in contact with the mineral particles may have only broken behavior. Was raised abroad, the issue should be studied in the probability of broken ball mill, the author of the study pointed out. Ball mill is the role of the mineral particles is random, the name of the mineral particles may fall or roll off the ball when it may not beat the mineral particles, mineral particles and ball crushing behavior after the name of the mineral particles is random , may have broken may not be fragmented, for such a random process only statistical methods, namely probability theory approach to solve. Here, the author modeled physics statistical roller crusher for sand making mechanics approach to the gas pressure in the wall, mobile stone crusher machine crushing the concept of statistical mechanics, which uses probability theory is used to obtain the highest probability to make crushing milling media status. This method is feasible preliminary experimental verification. It should be said, with broken statistical mechanics methods to guide the choice of mill ball size and proportion, in order to ensure mtw molino trapezoidal a high probability of breaking, the mill will have a high productivity.

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