Jaw Crusher Bearing Issues That We Need Further

Oct 16, 2016 by


jaw crusher, the bearing is very important in terms of the use of the bearing jaw crusher how to deal with that when we, which requires us to do the following to prepare, these are our use some of the problems encountered in the process, in order to help you solve the problem quickly to issues we mentioned, here we specifically look it: ① axis bending: bending if not, by polishing the journal, slip ring the method of repair; if bent more than 0.2mm, the shaft can be put in the press, the pressure correction in the film bend, after correction shaft surface with a lathe cutting polished; if bent too much, you need to put another one axis . ② journal wear: wear little journal, the journal can be deposited on a layer of chromium, and then 14 grinding to the desired size; when you wear more, can be surfacing in the journal, and then lathe cutting polished; If the journal wear is too large, also journal on turning 2-3mm, then a sleeve car, hot sleeve in the journal, and then turning to the desired lm vertical grinding mills size. These are very important for us, above us explain some questions about jaw crusher bearing on the 10 specific use of the process, we must pay attention to this problem, the only way we can better use our jaw crusher, the official website: /

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