Common Faults And Solutions Magnetic Separator

Oct 17, 2016 by

magnetic electromechanical machine overheated and its sound is not normal reasons:

① poor lubrication or bearing wear serious;

② fan leaves fall off or wear;

③ switch line is bad or disconnected to run a single-phase voltage is too low. ④ for 10 hematite reduction roasting operation will be closed not fully restored ore sorting, and then returned fire.

⑤ Magnetic Separator in operation sound is not normal, cylindrical obstacle stuck, even the cylinder can not be rotated, the bottom box polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher fibrillation. The reason is often stuck base box object, then there are magnetic block off, single toggle jaw crusher so that the cylinder rattled serious cause tube skin pierced. At this time it should be shut down for maintenance, troubleshooting. ⑥ oil shortage or poor oil quality;

⑦ with the worm gear wear off very, meshing or bad; for the removal of iron in the mixed porcelain clay ceramics industry, improve the quality of ceramic products.


⑧ bearing lubrication or badly worn. ⑨ magnetic separator magnetic field strength weakens

⑩ poor iron by roughing rough broken or broken after exclusion of surrounding rock and other waste rock, improve quality, reduce the load on the next process.

Magnetic Separator

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