To Achieve Localization Of Key Components – The Second Five Focu

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Engineering machinery, mining machinery localization of key components is the key

China has gradually become the world’s construction machinery, mining machinery manufacturing power, its product type, the number of manufacturing and technical content are close to the world level, but still can not be called power. The reason, mainly with respect to Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, China’s short board in the manufacture of key components of mechanical issues still outstanding. The key component is difficult to achieve a comprehensive localization is dependent on imports, subject to a foreign country, which makes the road to construction machinery, mining machinery powers, facing a very embarrassing situation.

Not long ago, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Association 杨宝德 in an investment strategy report at the meeting pointed out that if the Chinese construction machinery from the country into a big power, to see in the next five to ten years, whether the engine, gearbox , high pressure, hydraulic pumps and motors, as well as high-strength steel and other mechanical parts manufacturing ‘change grow stronger.’

For example, the engine is the primary industry in the development of various countries in the world, developed countries have this as the highest state secrets, to take a very strict technological protection measures. To get advanced engine performance, our country still need to rely on equipment imports in developed countries. Whether it is aviation, military and civilian sectors, our engine technology are lagging behind, which restricts the development of the overall level of our industry to a large extent. Also makes high-end manufacturing industry is facing the short board. Our country is no shortage of large steel companies and steel production is located in the world, but too few varieties of steel, high-strength steel starved make localization difficult to meet the needs of economic development.

construction machinery, mining equipment sales is closely related to the national fixed asset investment, which accounts for the national fixed asset investment from 1.5% to 2.5%. Yang Baode that the ‘second Five Year Plan’ national fixed asset investment share of volatility, will directly affect the construction machinery industry development prospects. Expected in the next 20 years, China’s construction machinery industry continued to maintain steady growth, which is based on China’s future urbanization, construction and transportation cost, and many other good product itself are harbingers of a bright future construction machinery industry.

At present, China’s exports to Asia, Africa-based objects. In 2009, China’s exports of Asia, Africa Construction machinery sales accounted for 75% of total exports that year, Europe, North America and Asia each accounted for 15% and 9.1%. Chinese engineering machinery products has characteristics that make it cost-effective in the fight for market share 10 in North America, Europe and manufacturers have gradually developed a long short of capacity.

During the ‘Eleventh Five-Year’, China’s construction machinery industry has leapt to the world’s first partial data. For example, our loader sales total sales accounted for 60% of the world’s loader, starter, cranes and other machinery sales are much higher than other countries. But class mining equipment, such as the common crusher, crushing equipment, mobile crushing station, both in life and on the volume and weight, the automatic control has a very large gap, in which high strength steel and special steel key components is an important factor in stone crusher machine for sale south africa its overall level of the constraints.

construction machinery manufacturing level is a reflection of the level of scientific and technological aspects of national development, manufacturing construction machinery parts naturally very important part. Yangbao De remarks justified. He said that if Chinese construction machinery from the country into power, to see in five to ten years, engine, gearbox, high pressure, hydraulic pumps and motors ‘five’ after the implementation of the plan, as well as high-strength steel and other zero component design, manufacturing standards could have greatly improved, in order to achieve ‘change grow stronger.’

In order to achieve this goal, he believes China’s current measures should be taken mainly from three aspects, first, continue to introduce foreign technology and components at the same time, encourage foreign enterprises to set up factories in the country. Secondly, to encourage domestic parts manufacturers transform themselves and improve.

6 on the domestic construction machinery design and manufacturing enterprises, ‘Twelve Five’ is a critical period of transformation and reform vigorously, opportunities and challenges. Domestic and international market potential is huge, but time is running out, therefore, except through the introduction of foreign technology, digestion and resorption, the need to vigorously reform, efforts to improve the technical level of scientific research enterprise, and actively guide the industrial restructuring towards high precision, sharp direction, I believe that three years, five years, made in China, and China will create more products appear on the same stage of the world.

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