Sand Gravel Line Is Indispensable Sand Making Equipment

Oct 20, 2016 by

China is one of the relatively complete variety of mineral resources reserves rich in a few countries. Valuable mineral resources development and utilization, is an important material basis for development of social production. Therefore, beneficiation project in development and utilization of resources is also increasingly plays an important role. When grinding the ore to extract valuable elements in iron ore beneficiation process, sand making machine grinding equipment is indispensable. It relates to the taste of fine iron ore, the raw material finer grinding in the back extraction work can do better. But sixty percent of the 10 entire sand Sand line process, the price more than the total investment in equipment. In order to save investment and improve quality iron ore position, 14 Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. combined with foreign advanced technology experience and innovative third-generation Sand, its fineness of the material between 0-3 mm, in order to better meet stone crusher machine for sale south africa the iron ore process requirements, the company provides design engineers with a frequency control device can be controlled so that the fineness of 2 mm or less. The machine saves investment, improve the quality of the iron ore to achieve a more crushing less grinding superior performance.

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