If Mine Shaker (Vibration Sieve) Regular Maintenance Is Not What

Oct 20, 2016 by

Mine shaker (vibration sieve) sieve box is relying on two vibration motors do rotate synchronously in opposite directions, do the screening machine vibration feeder, the material from falling into the feed end of the screen box, running quickly. The material for graphite beneficiation plant cost mobile stone crusher machine a loose, transparent screen to complete the screening work.Since the Mine polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher shaker mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry, mining industry, the most widely used of which is the concentrator commonly used screening machinery. If we want to extend the life of mine shaker, must always be used if we only know to make equipment manufacturing value to us, never knew they care, but do not know the maintenance, so we will be on our equipment have opinions , it will not work properly, the following occurs:1, the shaker screen damaged too fast.2, the material feeding problems.3, shaker not normal movement.4, if it is liquid screening, there will be a strong impact best to install the hopper or buffer.5, material buildup.6, uneven material feed.To make the device to us to create greater value, so we usually have to constantly maintain mine shaker (vibrating screen), so as to bring more value to us.If you encounter other problems, please contact:

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