Concentrator Ball Mill Grinding To Achieve Energy Efficiency And

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beneficiation process of grinding efficiency has been a major focus of the concentrator, we as a professional mineral processing equipment manufacturers, the concentrator grinding equipment energy efficiency control problem research, come up with effective control measures.

Mill utilization factor is an important indicator of the quality of the mill work, it is an important parameter to measure the concentrator grinding efficiency, but also significantly affect the technical and economic indicators of the port concentrator. Factors affecting the utilization factor of the ball more, as people mill ore particle size, the internal structure of the mill, Ball grading etc. This paper mainly from the feed size device, select the appropriate media filling rate and the maximum diameter of the ball and other factors set out, Discussion on measures to improve the utilization factor of a concentrator mill. From the production practice, the presence of the graphite beneficiation plant cost concentrator mill utilization is low, when the station is not high defects and improve the mill’s station capability when necessary.


affect the mill production capacity of more, are: material properties, such as particle size, hardness, density, clay content, etc; product size; type of mill; mill operating parameters, such as transfer rate, medium Specifications and filling rate. But in the end, the direct impact of its mill capacity utilization factor. Lower mill utilization factor, will directly affect the mill processing capacity, and the cost of grinding and accounted for 60% -80% of the cost of the concentrator to improve when the mill station capability, can increase the production of the whole plant can and can lm vertical grinding mills reduce energy consumption per unit of production. Therefore, increase mill utilization factor is crucial. The following methods can be used effectively improved.

1, the reasonable control of the ball mill grinding to a particle size passing rate of ore

Due to size sorting need not be adjusted, so the feed size to become a key factor. Therefore, the concentrator can improve the passing rate of the crushed product, so the original material into the mill -12mm 80% to around 95%, will effectively increase mill utilization factor, and then the ability will be greatly improved when Taiwan.

2, pay attention mill filling rate and maximum ball diameter selection

If a ball mill media filling rate, the inappropriate choice of size and proportion, even if the other conditions of work suitable mill, its efficiency is not high. In industrial production should be based on the nature of the ore, minerals grinding to a particle size characteristics of materials and other operating conditions to determine the mill media filling rate, shape, size, the ratio of supply and reasonable solution.

3, optimization of the secondary grinding job

According to the practice found that adjusting the re-election of crude snails, snails and fine weakening sweep, sweep magnetic concentration job, try to spin to control the concentration of about 30%.

To control the secondary water sand box, to improve grinding concentration. Further narrow mouth grit size can also increase the concentration of sand, from 127mm to 110mm, which can overflow in particle size reduction under modest circumstances, increase the grit concentration, thereby enhancing secondary grinding concentration, the best grinding mentioned concentration of 70% to 75%.

secondary mill to the ore shortage may be utilized to reduce the mesh size of the screen on ways to improve the amount of screen, thereby increasing the amount of ore to the mill of the secondary, the secondary grinding mill to optimize conditions so secondary grinding to achieve the desired effect, the row of ore particle size of 65%.

4, automatic control of grinding and classification process

The main task of grinding and classification process automatic control is to make the grinding and classification process is stable or work in the best condition, even if the grinding fineness meet the technical requirements, but also has high grinding efficiency.

The use of modern means of detection, dynamic process affecting factors, changes in complex grinding and classification of automatic detection and control, is one of the effective ways to improve the technical and economic indicators and the concentrator mill utilization factor. Currently grinding process automatic control is relatively simple to achieve control of the mill to the ore grinding and classification concentration control, single control, the need to improve the level of automation of grinding, grinding process to achieve closed-loop control, the optimal amount of control to the mine and grinding and classification should be used to control the concentration of grinding multivariable complex control system.

When single toggle jaw crusher the ore properties, such as hardness, disseminated grain size (reflected by the concentrate grade) when changes occur, feel free to adjust to the ore grade and size, the grinding and classification job control in the best condition, thereby improving the utilization of the mill coefficient.

Through the implementation of these measures, to ensure the efficiency of the mill concentrator for full management control, thus ensuring economic efficiency concentrator maximized.

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