Sand From Many Angles, And Maintenance | Sand

Oct 22, 2016 by

Sand is widely used, how to do it properly maintained? Proper maintenance of Sand needs attention to what matters it? Zhengzhou is a professional mining machinery and equipment manufacturers in the market development for many years, 6 has a wealth of experience in production, the following for everyone to carry out routine maintenance at explain:First, the Sand in the production process should always check the oil is sufficient, each working for some time to add the right amount of grease Sand conduct.Second, the crusher work, to send someone to care, according to Sand abnormal sound generated when the work to determine whether the failure crusher, sand making machine during operation, without severe vibration and abnormal noise, stone crusher machine for sale south africa otherwise, should stop checking.Third, work to do Sand starts correctly, the boot sequence is correct: nesting → Sand → feed. Sand must do load starting to feed fully functioning. Stop order just the opposite. Correct operation can greatly enhance Sand Sand life.Fourth, according to Sand crushing model for proper production scale to meet the Sand feed size requirements. According to Sand model for production safety, and immediately removed the iron and other substances contained in the material.More 10 sand making equipment

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