Vertical Impact Crusher Of Different Types And Characteristics

Oct 22, 2016 by

Heavy Sand production for many years, has rich experience in production equipment. Here’s what I produced a series Ⅵ Sand, Sand This equipment is white stone quarry crusher the introduction of Germany advanced technology development and production of high-performance sand making equipment with advanced international level, and its performance in a variety of fine ore broken equipment It plays an irreplaceable role. Vertical impact crusher has quot; stone at stone quot; and quot; stone blacksmith quot; two kinds of patterns, quot; stone at stone quot; type for very abrasive materials processing; quot; stone blacksmith quot; type used in abrasive not strong materials processing, quot; stone blacksmith quot; type mobile stone crusher machine than the quot; stone at stone quot; type sand high polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher into the 10-20%.Ⅵ Series Sand work characteristics⒈ simple and reasonable structure, low running costs.⒉ crushing rate, energy saving.⒊ with a crushing, coarse grinding function.⒋ by material moisture content on small, moisture content of up to about 8%.⒌ more suitable for crushing of hard, special hard material.⒍ excellent product shape, cubic, flakiness content is extremely low.⒎ impeller from the lining wear small, easy maintenance.⒏ work noise below 75 db (db level).

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