Three Step Impact Sand Maintenance

Sep 17, 2017 by

The first step, open the door (s) shut down periodically observe Impact Sand internal wear, the center feed tube, cone cap on the impeller, obscene Road liner should be promptly after the circumferential shield, wear block wear degree of wear replace or repair, replacement should also construction waste crusher industry replace wearable pieces, wearable pieces to ensure the same weight. construction waste crusher machine Crusher observed during open door, to observe the inner workings is prohibited, to avoid danger. Found impeller body wear timely replacement patches to find the manufacturer.   The second step, the transmission triangle tape tensioning size should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangular tape by force, dual-motor driven, on both sides of the triangle tape should be grouped matching, then each of its length as consistent as possible. It should be adjusted so that the difference between the two motor current does not exceed 15A. The third step, Impact Sand using Mobil automotive grease grade or # 3 Lithium Grease, every 400 hours of adding the right amount of grease, work construction waste crusher industry 2000 hours to open the bearing spindle assembly, cleaning, general work 7200 hours, replace new bearings.Latest Articles: reduce wear to improve the working life of the jaw crusher jaw crusher rack pores and cracks resolve Four Methods

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