Impact Sand Feeding Aspect Of What Provisions

Sep 19, 2017 by

Impact Sand in the work process for entering the device materials have certain requirements, not all materials can make Sand works well, in order to make the workplace more harmonious. Sand Technology Impact Sand is given in terms of feeding some of the requirements.   Impact Sand particle size of the maximum particle size must feed the machine technical performance parameters specified in the table, is greater than a predetermined size of prohibited materials Construction Waste Crusher into the crusher. Maximum aqueous crushed material was 20% or less, generally Jingxi ore mining machine out of direct access to the machine. Native discharge product size and ore feed size and physical properties related to ore fragile, feed size For small size of their products pass rate is higher, and vice versa low, change the impeller speed can also be adjusted product size. When broken discharge product size not greater than 10mm, its pass rate of 60-90%, in construction waste crusher industry order to ensure that products passing rate of 100% particle size, the use of construction waste crusher industry closed-circuit crushing equipment classification is necessary. Sand can be used for coarse grinding operations, when the feed size is 2 — 8mm Sand, its expected size of up to 0.149 — 0.92mm.   For more information about sand making machine, crusher knowledge online

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