Effect Of Side Discharge Opening And Closing Of The Cone Crusher

Sep 20, 2017 by

Cone crusher is more widely used crushing equipment, good crushing capacity and efficient production efficiency, bring great benefits to entrepreneurs. However, in the crusher in the process, its efficiency There are many factors that affect, closed side discharge opening of the apparatus still has some influence, specifically what impact? See the following construction waste crusher industry presentation. First: product size. When the closed side discharge opening size is small, cone crusher produced more uniform particle size, the quality is good; otherwise finished size is not ideal. Thus, the closed side of the discharge port is one of the major impact construction waste crusher machine of the quality of the finished product; second: finished production. For the same type of cone crusher, side discharge opening and closing the smaller the size of the crusher, the yield will be small; on the contrary will increase. Therefore, closed side discharge opening will cause some influence on the yield of the crusher; from the above that can affect the content side discharge opening and closing of the cone crusher product size is inversely proportional to the quality and yield, Therefore, the user must be adjusted during operation cone crusher according to their actual gold ore milling equipment needs and strive to achieve maximum benefits.

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