Measuring The Volume Of The Flotation Reagent Foaming Agent

Sep 21, 2017 by

flotation flotation agent in many applications, they have different purposes. One agent called foaming agent, its main role is to facilitate the generation of bubbles, foam stability maintained. Today to you on the main foaming agent volume measurement: at a certain time or measuring the resulting foam height, weight or measurement of liquid contained in the foam layer.

1, we can from a certain height dropping an aqueous solution of a foaming agent, and then the resulting foam was measured. 2, directly by hand or mechanical gold ore milling equipment agitation foaming agent solution ice for several minutes, and then measure the volume of the foam layer. 3, a rotary mixer or move up and down the long and short plate, a foaming agent in an aqueous solution was stirred, and then measuring the foam volume. 4, into a glass tube with a bottom plate of the sand core pores, small bubbles of air or other gases drum into a solution to be tested, then the foam height is measured. These four methods are no construction waste crusher industry solid particles in the presence of conditions, the volume of foam is measured in a two-phase system, in general, just for testing surfactant. Flotation frothers good or bad, depending on the foaming construction waste crusher machine ability, foam stability, foam formation already disappearing speed.

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